What Does Your Heart Hunger For?

Published on 6 September 2023 at 21:31

Here at Hungry Heart Quests, we're all about embracing our deepest desires. If you're here, you're likely on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Sometimes, finding the starting point can be challenging, but as a Health Coach, I'm here to guide you through it because I've been in that very place myself.

On my own path to wellness and happiness, various people have influenced me, but one who stands out is the New York Times bestselling author, Sarah J. Maas. While she may not be my mentor in the traditional sense, her heartfelt characters played a pivotal role in my healing journey. When I was struggling with the aftermath of relationship traumas that had manifested in my body, the stories of her characters provided solace, hope, and healing of a quality I couldn't find elsewhere.

I initially believed I could heal solely through self-directed methods, such as elimination diets and holistic practices like holotropic breathwork. However, it wasn't until I moved to Minnesota and began receiving regular acupuncture and chiropractic treatments in addition to my own efforts, that I truly started to see progress in my physical health. This period of healing opened the door for me to focus on other aspects of my being.

So, what does it take to uncover what your heart truly longs for? It starts with self-awareness. While it may seem obvious, self-awareness is a journey that demands effort and courage. Sometimes, a small change can tip the scales in your favor.

As Elena says in Throne of Glass, "You could rattle the stars... You could do anything if only you dared. And deep down, you know it, too. That’s what scares you most."


To find the answers, begin by introspection, examining your darkest memories and your deepest desires. Did you set aside a dream because someone told you it was impossible? What have you ignored, despite the yearning in your heart? These questions can be overwhelming, but if you're struggling, start with something small: what's one thing you wish to do tomorrow? Will you grant yourself permission to pursue it?

Follow that breadcrumb trail into the depths of your being. Who resides in your inner sanctuary? They may be beautiful, horrible, or simply ordinary. When someone is left isolated and ignored, they can become something frightening—perhaps even a reflection of yourself that you're afraid to confront. That's okay; now you're aware. You know how much is waiting to be unearthed, waiting to be welcomed into the light. This person may terrify you, but does that mean they should remain hidden? Are you willing to do that to yourself?

Revolutionary shifts rarely happen in isolation. That's where Hungry Hearts comes in—to bring us together, to connect us, so we can flourish with the support and understanding of others. Know that you're never alone; we're here, reaching out our hand to you. Reaching back takes time and courage, but courage is the will to try, even when you're scared. Sometimes, finding that courage is something we need help with too.

My vision for the Hungry Hearts Society and HHQ as a whole is to cultivate a community that nurtures the growth, transformation, and empowerment of all its members. This community transcends our passion for outdoor experiences; it delves into the heart of positive change—forging connections and relationships that elevate each of us into a better version of ourselves and contribute to a better world. Just as we take measured steps when navigating steep and challenging trails, we must proceed incrementally. Bit by bit, we will construct something greater for ourselves, our loved ones, and future generations.

The yearning in my heart has driven me day after day to assist individuals in embarking on a journey toward reclaiming their power and restoring their relationships with themselves and others. "Finding ourselves" begins with spotting that distant peak, no matter how far it may seem, and then retracing our path back to ourselves. In our time, there's no "back" to return to; each step leads us forward. The direction it takes is in our hands to choose.

Once you have the spark, no matter how small, nurture it until it grows and burns away your doubts, leaving you as a bright star, someone who pursues their dreams, loves, lives, and dares to be more than they were before.

Remember, this path is neither smooth nor straight. It's a mountain trail with its ups and downs, obstacles, and dark stretches. But along the way, there are beautiful moments—flowers, sunny clearings, breathtaking views, the wonders of life and those with whom we share the experience. That's why we're here: to be a part of this incredible journey.

Aelin aptly said, "The world will be saved and remade by the dreamers..."

So, what do you yearn for? What are your dreams for yourself, your loved ones, your community? What does your heart hunger for?

With that desire, join the community, do the Work, and together, let us rattle the stars.

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