Free Guided Plant Walk

Join Hungry Heart Quests for a free guided plant walk on Triple Tree Trail in Bozeman, MT. 

On this walk, you'll learn about some of the wildflowers and medicinal plants that grow in the region. The section of trail hiked is 2 miles round trip over flat and gently rolling hills. Expect to walk for 60+ minutes and bring water and a light snack. Please arrive at the trailhead 15 minutes early.

Dates:  Sundays, July 21st & 28th

Start Time: 10 AM


Saturday July 27th, 2024 10AM-3PM

Join HHQ for an adventure that includes field practice at the Hungry Heart Quests Demonstration Site--This event is hosted on Dawn's family land 6 miles up Cokedale Rd. Dawn will arrange the meetup and carpool or Caravan for participants.

Immerse yourself in the art of navigation as you delve into the intricacies of topographic maps and the essential components of a compass.  You'll elevate your route planning abilities, gaining the confidence needed for any upcoming adventure. Whether you're a novice explorer or a seasoned outdoor enthusiast, this experience promises to enhance your understanding of orienteering and equip you with invaluable skills for your outdoor pursuits.

This workshop will begin with the fundamentals of map and compass usage and include an 1-2 hours of field practice. Expect to spend 5 hours outdoors, and come prepared with appropriate weather gear, lunch, snacks, and water.

Saturday July 27th, 2024 10AM-3PM


Registration closes July 25th, 6PM.

Cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance are-non refundable.

Stay tuned for more 2024 Fall Workshops and Events!


Hungry Heart Quests (HHQ) offers a progressive journey of self-discovery, skill-building, and outdoor exploration. With a focus on gradual development, participants are invited to engage in three levels of quests designed to enhance wellness and outdoor skills, foster community, and empower holistic wellness. Through expert-guided coaching, virtual sessions, and hands-on learning, HHQ provides a transformative path towards foundational well-being.

What is Offered:

  • Progressive Quests: HHQ features three levels of quests, each building on wellness skills and experiences for gradual growth.
  • Group Coaching: 4 Virtual Health Coaching sessions, focusing on participants' goals and emphasizing community cohesion. ($440 Value).
  • Safe and Enjoyable Learning: Quests include access to Beyond the Backpack, an online course covering the fundamental skills for outdoor safety, gear preparation, and comfortable enjoyment ($375 Value).
  • Holistic Approach: HHQ offers a comprehensive approach to wellness, combining physical, mental, and communal aspects.
  • Customizable Learning: Participants can repeat levels based on their comfort, competency, and enjoyment.
  • Empowerment Through Nature: HHQ recognizes the healing potential of nature, encouraging participants to embrace outdoor exposure as an avenue towards growth.
  • Bonus Quest: With each Quest Level, we offer a FREE 3-day Backpacking Adventure to physically, mentally and emotionally integrate the 4 weeks of HHQ Coaching. This is an optional excursion, available to Quest Clients who meet the criteria for safety and capability as determined by the Coach.

Bonus Quest Destinations

Bonus Quest destinations are selected considering accessibility, weather conditions, and fire risk. These destinations encompass various mountain ranges such as the Tobacco Roots, the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, the Crazy Mountains, and others in Montana that are scouted yearly. Please note that all information provided to participants comes with the understanding that destinations might vary due to the aforementioned conditions.

2024 Glade Ranger Quest (Level 1)

8/14/24-9/4/24 Virtual Coaching Wednesdays 5:30pm. Bonus Quest: September 6-8th

Note: $200 non-refundable fee for cancellations made less than 1 month prior to the Coaching Start Date.

Individual Rate: $800 per person
Buddy-Buy Discount: Sign up as a pair for $1400, saving $200 ($700 per person)

Sign up for a Glade Ranger Quest

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HHQ is not designed for use by Corporate Entities seeking team-building facilitation. HHQ is tailored for individuals, friends, families, and newcomers aiming to engage in wellness and outdoor learning within a community setting. Participants must be 18 years or older.