Restore Harmony: Stress Reduction and Wellness Coaching

Transform your daily routine to support self-reclamation and connection to the natural world through Health Coaching with Dawn Schwem, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Throughout the process, you'll be empowered to explore your inner landscapes, assess your external environment, and take practical action to reduce your stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Book your first appointment with Dawn to get a full assessment and personalized recommendations for your health and wellness.

What is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of various aspects of your life, aiming to enhance satisfaction, happiness, and healthy habits. Through this process, you'll acquire skills to optimize your daily routines in alignment with your health and wellness goals. Collaborating with Dawn as your Coach, you'll devise practical strategies for gradual positive changes. This approach not only aids in reducing stress and improving overall health but also fosters clarity, alignment, and purposeful direction in life. Dawn's specialization lies in Nature Based Interventions, leveraging the restorative power of the outdoors to alleviate stress, boost energy, and enhance focus on personal passions and community engagement.

By conducting sessions outdoors whenever feasible, Dawn facilitates a reconnection with nature, supported by extensive research highlighting its enduring benefits for mental, emotional, and physical well-being. For further insights, explore Dawn's presentation "The Three-Day Effect: Finding Wellness in the Wild," where she intertwines her coaching expertise with the transformative potential of nature immersion, including outdoor education and adventure-based services.

Connected by Nature, United we Flourish

Dawn Schwem offers a distinctive approach to Health Coaching that transcends conventional methods, blending holistic training and the researched techniques for Nature Based Intervention. Her unique model draws from holistic practices, embracing a comprehensive whole-person assessment to understand your individual needs and aspirations. Skill acquisition becomes a focal point, empowering you with practical tools for sustainable change. Dawn's purpose is to help you build real habits for lifelong health that ripples out into your family, friends, and community.



Leah from Bozeman, MT. Client since 2022--"Dawn has been such a wonderful individual to work with during my healing journey. I am very lucky we crossed paths, as I am surprised yet thankful at how beneficial working with a health coach was in my recovery. Dawn helped provide me with guidance to meaningful changes to my overall health and in my daily life, which I still use each day. I look back 6 months to when I started, and I don’t recognize that person, as I have made so many positive changes to mine and my family’s life after working with Dawn.

I would describe Dawn as a very kind and genuine person. I appreciate how much time and dedication she invested in my journey. Dawn did a great job making the process unique to what my needs were and set goals that were achievable yet challenging for me to attain."


From Cathy in Bozeman MT-- "Dawn was able to help me work toward my goals by encouraging me throughout the eight weeks we worked together. She had dietary knowledge that was very helpful. Dawn challenged me to be more in tune with my body so I could get the maximum benefit from my program. I had to be mindful of stress, fatigue, and dedicated to my elimination diet. She would ask me questions that would make me realize my progress. The most significant overall change I’ve noticed is that I will continue to eat a lot cleaner as a new way of life. Being gluten free isn’t as daunting as I originally thought. I would recommend Dawn to anyone who has to go through any dietary restrictions for knowledge and support."

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