From Blacksmithing to Bodywork: Conversations with Ben Hanawalt, Structural Integrator

Published on 3 March 2024 at 18:13

In this episode, Dawn, the owner of Hungry Heart Quests, talks with Ben Hanawalt, owner of SomaSmith and a board-certified Structural Integrator. Ben shares how Structural Integration transformed his life during his blacksmithing apprenticeship, challenging his skepticism. The conversation explores the language and philosophy of Structural Integration, drawing parallels with Ben's experiences with horses and Dawn’s experience with dance. They discuss the importance of presence, body listening, and understanding movement patterns. The podcast also touches on Ben's early life, including a memorable encounter with a protective mama cow at the age of three.

The episode covers insights into the energetic aspects of bodywork, seeing our bodies as spring loaded, and the innate sense of movement we are all born with, and so much more. Join us for a captivating journey through Structural Integration, body awareness, and the importance of observing life and nature as an aspect of our wellbeing.


SomaSmith Structural Integration

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