Engaging with Embodied Trauma: Guest Expert Julia Yanker, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Published on 2 January 2024 at 14:06

Feat. Julia Yanker, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Life Coach

Join Dawn as she delves into a riveting conversation with Julia Yanker, a Somatic Experiencing practitioner and coach. Julia, the owner of Life Untethered Coaching, brings a wealth of experience from her adventurous life in the wild, including canyoneering, rock and ice climbing, skiing, and more. Together, they explore the profound intersections of trauma, the outdoors, and the power of embodiment.


Julia shares her fascinating journey from aspiring to be an Olympic equestrian to becoming an adventurer extraordinaire and trauma coach. Through personal anecdotes, she reveals a wilderness mishap turned life lesson and the pivotal night that became an initiation into self-reliance.


Dawn and Julia delve into the heart of Somatic Experiencing (SE), exploring how trauma impacts the body and mind. They unravel the negativity bias of the brain and the vital importance of consciously embracing positive experiences in nature to counterbalance the impact of negative ones.


Discover the significance of embodying sensations and emotions, whether joyful or challenging, while exploring the outdoors. They discuss how nature offers moments of safety and joy, highlighting the importance of tuning into these fleeting yet profound experiences.


Join this engaging conversation as they unveil how nature, trauma, and embodiment intersect, offering practical insights to navigate the wilderness of emotions and harness the healing power of the outdoors.

COMPASS 2024 | Julia Yanker

Clarity + Intention-setting

A Special 90-minute Coaching Session 

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