Ecological Resilience Explored with Guest Expert Graham Mills

Published on 3 December 2023 at 10:00

Join Dawn, the owner of Hungry Heart Quest, in a captivating conversation with ecologist, hiker, and swordsman, Graham Mills. In this episode, Graham shares insightful experiences from his field of soil science and restoration biology. The discussion navigates the importance of preparedness in outdoor adventures, drawing parallels between ecological principles and personal resilience. Graham delves into adaptive management, illustrating its relevance both in ecological landscapes and individual decision-making. Throughout the conversation, the cyclical nature of ecological systems mirrors personal growth, emphasizing iterative improvement and adaptation. Graham's stories offer a unique perspective on outdoor research, hiking, and the interconnectedness of scientific knowledge with the joy of experiencing nature. The episode concludes by highlighting the significance of understanding nature's processes and the necessity of preparedness in outdoor activities. Tune in to gain valuable insights and parallels between ecology, resilience, and personal development.


This is an exclusive interview--stay tuned for the re-release with more conversation!

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